Full responsive design

No restrictions on hardware. You can use tesius on any platform that has internet access. Mobile, tablet, laptop or even your TV, if you so wish.

SSO/Centralised Login

tesius has strong, built-in authentication, however for businesses that have SSO systems (LDAP or Kerberos), tesius can work side by side with your existing architecture.

Minimalist (or not)

You can have as much or as little functionality as you want, each tesius installation is different from the next, but all powered by the same rock-solid backend.


Move your membership management, POS management, audit control, timecard and much more to tesius for centralised control and advanced statistics.

Over 20+ plugins
with many custom components

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Full responsive

No computer necessary. You can use tesius from any device with an up-to-date web browser and a connection to the internet.

Advanced Reporting

View reports on tesius or have them automated to specific criteria at specific times of the month.


Engage™ Compatible

If you already use Engage™, tesius is built on the same rock-solid platform, so you can rest assured that your system is solid, to the core

Multi-SSO and U2F

Using multiple passwords can be a pain, that's why tesius has a multitude of SSO options built in, furthermore, you can protect your installation using U2F Keys and tokens

Discover great feautres

Simplicity and ease-of-use are factors often overlooked.


Uncluttered and functional

Built on years of research, tesius is designed to make day-to-day tasks simple and enjoyable, no more going to put the kettle on and be back in five minutes.

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The addedPIXELS Team

See the people behind the magic

Yannick McCabe-Costa

The one who climbs the ladders, and injures himself all in the name of IT. Codes stuff, makes it work, then breaks it again. Throwing cables everywhere and stapling them to solid brick walls.

Oliver Hemsted

The magic maker. Codes stuff, it works, but is never happy until it starts coding itself. Usually on the receiving end of a large bundle of CAT6 hurtling across a chasm, then wearing it like a Hawaiian necklace.

Drop us a line, give us a ring, tweet us, InMail us, fax us (if you're feeling all 70's). We always love meeting new people.


Don't take it from us, listen to our users.

"One of the best things we ever did, we used to use a Microsoft Access based database system for our membership management tools, we looked around and some packages were so expensive. tesius can be there whenever we need to quickly do some checks or a load of heavy lifting, and the pricing structure suits us right down to the ground."
Barry Longworth

More and more extra great features

Available as add-ons to tesius or as separate products


Door access control system

Our custom designed Door Access system is affordable, integrated and perfectly coupled with our Concierge system.


Let your customers do the hard work

Concierge is our award-winning front-end system, allowing you to safely hand over control of subscription management and data input to your members, allowing them to feel in control and connected.


First Class telephony systems

Fully integrated and professionally voiced interactive telephone voice response systems are available as a separate product or built into tesius.


Our state-of-the-art SMS platform

Engage™ is a one of a kind beast, integrating with multiple data feeds from across the country, it allows you to connect with your customers by something so simple as an SMS.

App Pricing

tesius is installed as a cloud instance in a dedicated, secure datacentre, or on premises at your site*

  • Basic
  • For those starting out or wanting to see how the system works
  • £50 / month
  • Membership module
    Upto 500 members
  • SMS and Telephony Integration*
  • Audit Admin
  • DACS Management
  • POS Admin
  • Email Support
  • Signup
  • Standard
  • For those wanting something more feature rich and more space for members
  • £100 / month
  • Membership module
    Upto 2000 members
  • SMS and Telephony Integration*
  • Audit Admin
  • DACS Management
  • POS Admin
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Signup
  • Premium
  • Custom development and implementation, including resillient servers
  • £POA / month
  • Membership module
    Upto 5000 members
  • SMS and Telephony Integration*
  • Audit Admin
  • DACS Management
  • POS Admin
  • Bespoke Development
  • Priority Support
  • Signup

Don't see something that suits you?

Contact us and we may be able to do a bespoke design for you. These prices are just guides, we are always willing to come to some sort of arrangement

*Certain features may incur additional costs and require additional accounts be setup with third-party providers for full integration. SMS and Telephony services require a Twilio account

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